PTS Floors Deploys Speech Enabled Auto Attendant

PTS Floors of Denver installed a Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant from SpeechSwitch, previously was a wholly owned subsidiary of iVoice.

PTS Floors implemented a solution that includes the iVoice Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant installed in conjunction with the Avaya phone system. By installing the iVoice Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant, its customers can call in and speak the name of the person or department they are looking for and be transferred. "We have made a technological up grade in all areas of our customer interface," said Peter Rincione CEO of PTS. "By introducing speech technology we believe it will provide a significant increase in business efficiency, and will enhance our ability to deliver top service to our customers."

SpeechSwitch's Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant system allows customers to use their own voice to navigate to the person with whom they would like to speak.

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