Ectaco Presents a New Conceptual Model for the Universal Translator

NEW YORK, NY and MOSCOW, ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - Based on the response to the UT concept in general and specific implementation of the UT-103, top management at Ectaco Inc. has decided to continue the UT product line, which combines speech recognition technology with multi-lingual translation capabilities. "It seems to be the perfect time to begin to work on a new conceptual model," said Anton Epifanov, Ectaco VP of Research and development. He added, "Ectaco Development Center, responsible for software and hardware design of the Ectaco's serial pocket translators, is located in St. Petersburg. The city has all the necessary 'scientific capital' - mathematicians, linguists, programmers, testers and other specialists for creating these state-of-the-art devices. The deciding factor in choosing Art. Lebedev Studio to design conceptual model was the unique creativity and stylishness inherent in this designer's works. The hottest linguistic and speech processing technologies are embodied in the Universal Translator. That is why the device itself should have the accordingly appropriate appearance." "The new device will be a significant step in moving toward free and natural communication," commented Ectaco CEO David Lubinitsky. "It should have a broad appeal, pleasing direct consumers and corporate markets alike," noted VoiceMethods President Anatoly Kissen.
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