Emkay's SiSonic Microphone Designed in Neonode's Mobile Phone

BURGESS HILL, ENGLAND - Emkay Innovative Products, a Knowles Company, has been working closely with Neonode in Sweden, and announces that Neonode's N1 mobile phone features Emkay's SiSonic silicon microphone. SiSonic is available on tape-and-reel for surface mount automated assembly and reflow soldering directly to printed circuit boards. According to Ray Wilton, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, "we are delighted that we have been chosen for this innovative personal communications platform. Knowles' 50 years of expertise in design of small precision microphones and over 10 years research into micro-machining of silicon has given us a world first. Microphones can, for the first time, be automatically assembled during manufacture of mobile phones, PDA's, Laptops and other consumer products. This reduces costs and can shorten time to market. Furthermore, features of our design and our silicon micro-machining technology have provided enhanced acoustic and environmental performance that will inevitably put SiSonic into unique acoustic applications."
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