Lab9 Solutions Chooses Sensory Speech Engine for Wireless Handset Application

Lab9 Solutions has released a new wireless handset application powered by Sensory's FluentSoft speech technology engine.

Lab9 Solutions Inc. is licensing MobileSpeech 1.0 for WinCE SmartPhones and Pocket PCs, and will soon offer an option for the Symbian operating system as well. MobileSpeech is a platform for executing integrated sets of speech-based services, and provides contact and digit dialing, application launching, and a voice-accessible, searchable contact database. It offers hands-free and eyes-free operation that users can customize to their skill and experience level. A feature called ISD (International Smart Dialing) enables users to call other countries without having to know the country code.

Lab9 Solutions's implementation of the FluentSoft speech engine permits users to say command phrases for operations, instead of being forced to follow more traditional menu navigation styles. "Speech interfaces improve the usability of mobile applications," says Ken Picard, VP of business development at Lab9 Solutions. "Sensory's dominant position in the Speech Recognition hardware market gives them a distinct advantage in dealing with the unique challenges presented by Mobile Devices. We found Sensory's solution to offer all the features we needed with better accuracy than its competitors."

Sensory's FluentSoft™ technology is available as a software development kit (SDK) for cell phone operating systems and DSPs. Features include speaker independent recognition of thousands of words, continuous digit dialing, word spotting, speaker verification and more.

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