Eicon's Diva Server Family Paves the Way for IP Migration

SAN FRANCISCO - Eicon Networks Corporation announced plans for extending its Diva Server family of products with new solutions that will enable migration from existing fax, voice and unified messaging applications toward those based completely on IP. Today, many IP telephony applications are already based on the voice over IP technology of the Diva Server range of adapters. By adding a new IP-based software component to the Diva Server application programmers interface, Eicon provides application developers with access to the world of IP telephony and integration with H.323 and SIP based soft-PBX and call manager platforms.

The Diva Server API is a programming interface that has been used to build many of the industry's fax, voice and unified messaging applications. With a new IP-based software component, this API will be enhanced so that all existing applications can immediately be reached by IP phones and soft-phones in an IP telephony environment. Application developers will be able to capitalize directly on their investment and will not have to make H.323 or SIP-type protocol implementations of their own. Through support of key supplementary services and real-time T.38 standard fax over IP, even the most sophisticated unified messaging and call center applications are enabled to work transparently with existing telephony as well as new IP users.

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