Edify Releases New Consumer Electronics Speech Application

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Edify Corporation released a new speech application for the consumer electronics industry that uses speech instead of touchtone-based menus.  It is built on Edify's Voice Interaction Platform (EVIP™).

With Edify's CE Application, companies can now automate the routing of calls through product and problem identification, collect name and address information, determine warranty status, and process credit cards without a live agent.  The application asks customers what they are calling about and gathers information before routing them to the specific agent who can help them with their technical request.  The application has 12 modules and comes with a built-in persona.

"Consumer electronics companies can badly damage their brand in the eyes of a customer with one frustrating call to a technical support line," notes Bill Meisel, president of TMA Associates. "Edify has provided a fast and cost-effective option that lets CE companies substitute a tested, easy-to-navigate voice system for a complex touch-tone system."

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