Verascape Introduces VeraServ

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - Verascape announces the introduction of the VeraServ Call Push product. VeraServ Call Push opens new avenues for customer interaction through outbound, interactive calling. Combining the functionality of outbound dialing with interactive voice applications, Verascape's Call Push product enables a range of new uses. The Call Push product utilizes the same VeraServ telephony and speech resources for inbound and outbound voice applications. The VeraServ platform allows users to specifically allocate speech and telephony resources for inbound and outbound call traffic, or allow those resources to be employed as "next available". Further, the VeraServ Call Push product is able to distinguish between human recipients and answering machines, executing different applications as appropriate. The VeraServ architecture allows any number of inbound and outbound voice applications to be run simultaneously. Some examples of outbound voice applications include: *Outbound customer satisfaction surveys
*Past due payment notification with option to pay during the call
*Reminders of upcoming events or new services, such as trade shows, meetings, and concerts with options to register
*Notifications of special sales events, like rebates, clearances, extended or reduced hours and private showings with an option to find the closest store by ZIP code
*Customer service notifications for such things as shipments, deliveries, backorders, returns and recalls with options to select alternate products or to change ship dates
*Subscription renewal notification with the ability to renew during the call
*Emergency alerts with options to identify shelter or emergency services locations
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