TuVox Launches Voice-Enabled Knowledge Base Speech Applications and CVR 5.0 Lifecycle Management Suite

CUPERTINO, Calif. - TuVox released its Voice-Enabled Knowledge Base speech applications, which allow callers to use voice self-service to resolve a range of customer service calls.  TuVox Voice-Enabled Knowledge Base applications allow enterprises to leverage existing investment in knowledge bases and Web self-service to deliver speech applications that diagnose and provide step-by-step resolution of a variety of customer services issues. 

With Voice-Enabled Knowledge Base speech applications, TuVox merges the customer's knowledge base with pre-built speech functionality and built-in VUI best practices using patent-pending TuVox SmartGen™ technology.  TuVox Voice-Enabled Knowledge Base applications provide 15 built-in reports that document system performance to enable tuning of the applications.  In addition, these applications include a content survey capability allowing callers to rate content. 

TuVox also launched CVR 5.0 Lifecycle Management Suite. This new set of applications is built on TuVox CVR 5.0 (Conversational Voice Response) - TuVox's Lifecycle Management Suite.  TuVox CVR 5.0 enables customization of TuVox speech applications to enterprise content and business processes.  Key enhancements in CVR 5.0 include capabilities for transactional and data intensive applications, as well as enhanced application reporting support and more standard reports for application tuning and measuring overall performance.

"Businesses are investing in technologies that not only automate and improve customer service but also provide the greatest possible returns through cost reduction," said Daniel Hong, voice business analyst at Datamonitor.  "Widespread adoption of speech technology in the enterprise is drawing closer, resulting in the greater availability of more complex and effective speech solutions. Companies like TuVox are providing these solutions and helping enterprises leverage speech to automate more complex customer service calls."

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