Blogs, IM, VOIP, IVR, and Speech Power New Voxeo ExpressCRM Platform

ORLANDO - Voxeo Corporation launched its ExpressCRM Customer Relationship Management platform. The new platform supports interaction via Web, email, blogs, instant messaging, and automated spoken commands via traditional telephones and Voice over IP (VOIP) devices.

Voxeo's ExpressCRM platform is based on the BizBLOG engine. Created and field-tested by Voxeo over the last two years, BizBLOG is a scalable Blog content engine leveraging Java J2EE, SQL data replication, RSS syndication, and an XML-based extension API. The ExpressCRM solution uses BizBLOG to support:

  • Account Journals: facilitate general communication between Voxeo and its customers. The Account Journal can store meeting notes, service history, customer orders, bills, and more. Each Account Journal can be viewed and sorted by recent entries, date range, or search query.
  • Account Tickets and Tasks: can be opened by Voxeo and its customers to create support requests, detail outstanding tasks, and announce updates or events. Account Tickets and Tasks can be assigned to individuals, groups, or roles within a customer/vendor relationship.
  • Global Tickets and Tasks: can be opened by Voxeo to share global updates, service outages, and support issues across multiple customer accounts.
  • Knowledge Bases: can store support information contributed by Voxeo's Extreme Support and engineering team members
  • Forums: enable shared, public information between all Voxeo employees and customers.
  • Annotation Boxes: can be embedded on any existing Web page, including those in Voxeo's documentation and support sites. Annotation boxes let customers actively suggest fixes, improvements, and new content for such sites.

The ExpressCRM platform features an integrated contact manager in which individual, role, and group contacts can be configured. Each contact can have multiple telephone, email, AOL/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN/Jabber IM, pager, and fax addresses. Customers can establish notification rules for each address. Contact rules are then used to send phone calls, emails, instant messages, faxes, and/or pages to specified contacts when any account journal or ticket is opened or updated. Those contacts can respond via Web, IM or spoken commands to instruct ExpressCRM to add additional blog comments and communicate with other account users and groups.

"Voxeo's ExpressCRM solution enables efficient, flexible customer support and communication between Voxeo and companies like J3," said John Higgins, president and CEO of J3 Communications. "With ExpressCRM, Voxeo has again demonstrated its commitment to providing the best customer service and support available."

"F9 Group made the switch to Voxeo for several reasons, including its profitable operations, battle-tested platform, unsurpassed support staff, and cutting-edge hosting technology," said Nick Newsom, president of F9 Group. "ExpressCRM, which enables us efficiently to support our large-volume call center IVR customers, is just one more reason we see Voxeo leading this industry for many years to come."

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