West Launches Automated Notification Solution

OMAHA, Neb. -- West Corp. subsidiary West Notifications Group announced today the availability of IntelliCast, a multichannel, automated notification solution that allows companies to communicate meaningful information, such as flight delays, prescription pick-ups, and appointment reminders, to their customers, employees, and partners through automated voice, email, fax, and text messaging.

"In today's unpredictable world, companies need a quick, reliable and easy way to communicate up-to-the-minute information to their customers," said Pam Mortenson, executive vice president of West Interactive, in a recent press release. "IntelliCast makes it easy to deliver simultaneous real-time notifications to millions of people, anywhere in the world."

IntelliCast offers three solutions that fit a variety of needs and budgets. Express, Freestyle and Platinum are pre-packaged and customized services with specializations in industries such as pharmaceutical, financial services, insurance, travel, banking, cable, media, and telecommunications.  

Express was developed using best practices and is designed to proactively communicate information to customers without having to devote a great deal of internal resources. The suite of automated communications provides customers with data on their order status, payment information, and appointment reminders and rescheduling.   

The Freestyle application gives users the ability to modify one of the existing Express applications. Freestyle caters to clients with a specific business problem, such as the need to increase operational efficiencies or reduce costs through deflecting inbound call center inquiries. Freestyle’s automation is designed to complete complicated transactions with customers without the use of a live agent. With the ability to access the existing library of Intellicast’s applications, adaptability is Freestyle’s greatest asset.  

Platinum uses Intellicast’s Preference Management Center solution, which allows customers to choose how and when they will be contacted with various types of information. With each customer interaction, these defined preferences are delivered by voice, email, text message, fax or a combination.  Additionally, end users can define multiple contact points, such as home, work phone, mobile phone, or fax number, and have the information disseminated there. This allows customers to, say, be contacted by text three hours before a flight.

Additionally, end users can review a list of triggering events, such as special offers, renewal reminders, or payment confirmations, and assign a contact point to that event. Customers can initiate this opt-in process either in a self-service environment on a Web site or by speaking with a customer service representative. Once these preferences are established, IntelliCast automatically delivers the communication to the end user based on the defined preferences every time that customer does business with a company.

Ultimately, Intellicast is designed to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. "Providing a valuable service that fits the lifestyle and needs of a company's customer base is critical to any business who is trying to improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue," Mortenson concludes.

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