TuVox Guarantees Success for Its Apps

TuVox today announced the TuVox Guaranteed Success Program ("GSP") to help companies create an indisputable business case for next-generation speech applications.

The TuVox GSP takes the pay-for-performance concept one step further by guaranteeing that the TuVox solution will outperform a company's existing touchtone IVR, or the company will receive free tuning and usage services until it does. This first-of-its-kind guarantee is based on TuVox’s success in migrating touchtone applications to speech in several large and complex implementations.

For companies that are skeptical about speech recognition, TuVox’s Guaranteed Success Program removes the risk and makes it easier to decide between competing contact center initiatives. Now, companies can be assured of automation rates and cost reduction metrics when they implement next-generation interactive voice response systems.

"TuVox’s Guaranteed Success Program provides companies with risk mitigation at obviously more attractive price points," said Daniel Hong, lead analyst of customer interaction technologies at Datamonitor. "This comes at a time in the market where companies need to do more with less and leverage speech strategically to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. We expect that GSP will have continued uptake in the market as conditions become more challenging and companies become more creative with purchasing and execution."

The TuVox GSP is constructed using mutually defined target automation metrics and includes speech application monitoring and tuning services to ensure success. To meet its guarantee within the GSP, TuVox speech applications leverage the TuVox On Demand lifecycle management system, the TuVox Always Be Callable (ABC) iterative development process, and the deep expertise of the TuVox Design Center.

"Contact centers have tried many promising initiatives in the past and have become wary of deploy and depart engagements with vendors," said Steve Pollock, executive vice president and co-founder of TuVox. "We base our relationships on helping customers achieve business results, both in the short term and over the long run. Our history of success in delivering measurable results for our customers allows us to offer this unprecedented guarantee."

The TuVox Guaranteed Success Program is part of the TuVox Success Program series, and is available immediately for hosted and on-premises speech applications.

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