U.S. Utility Expands Use of NICE SmartCenter

NICE Systems today announced that Atlanta-based Southern Company, a U.S. electricity company, has expanded its strategic implementation of NICE SmartCenter to create a more integrated, comprehensive contact center technology environment. 

Southern Company will replace competing recording and quality management solutions, and will also add screen content analytics.  Southern Company is a long-time user of NICE’s workforce management solution, IEX TotalView, and will now expand its NICE environment to help improve agent performance and deliver the highest quality of customer service possible to the company’s more than 4 million customers.
NICE will provide supervisors of the 850 agents in Southern’s four contact centers with enhanced technology and tools to support precision quality management for improving agent performance, customer satisfaction, and training effectiveness.  It will also enable Southern’s contact center supervisors to proactively evaluate the quality of service provided to customers. By identifying key interactions and correlating them with agent screen activity, supervisors can more effectively determine what steps agents can take to deliver world-class customer service, as well as to develop programs for performance improvement.

”This strategic implementation of the NICE solutions presents an opportunity for Southern Company to upgrade to the most robust, comprehensive solution, which will enable us to improve the process of managing agents and their interactions with customers,” said Harvey Ellis, call center operations support manager at Southern Company.  “We have been using NICE’s workforce management solution successfully for ten years, so it was completely natural to make NICE SmartCenter the standard across our contact centers.“

“We see leading companies across an array of industries looking to improve customer service and operational efficiency,” said Eran Gorev, chief business officer at NICE Systems. “By choosing to expand their implementation of NICE SmartCenter, Southern Company is demonstrating its drive to provide the level of quality service that customers expect from an industry leader, while operating in a more efficient and comprehensive manner.”

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