LumenVox Unveils New Version Of Speech Engine

LumenVox has released version 10.5 of the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, featuring enhancements such as a new Call Progress Analysis feature for improved call flow handling within outbound applications and more flexible text-to-speech (TTS) functionality. 

The new Call Progress Analysis (CPA) product now incorporates the answering machine detection mechanism that was available in previous versions. CPA reaches beyond detecting answering machine and voicemail tones by ensuring that the predictive dialer or IVR is getting the right message to the desired recipient more accurately. 

"Call Progress Analysis improves the user experience by positively recognizing answering machines, voicemail and live callers, and ensuring that an appropriate and complete message is delivered every time," said Dave Rich, LumenVox CEO, in a statement. "This is a unique application of speech recognition technology to better solve a business challenge in an adjacent market and is in response to customer requests for improved outbound call handling."

Another feature that comes with Version 10.5 is an upgrade to the Text-to-Speech Server. It can now intelligently switch between any of LumenVox’s voices within an SSML session, making it easier than ever to use LumenVox TTS software.

“LumenVox has updated the TTS voice names to provide greater product clarity and made it easy to switch between voices of multiple languages for multi-lingual applications,” Rich said.

Other new features and improvements to Speech Recognizer Version 10.5 include the following: 


  • Improved grammar processing;
  • Richer knowledgebase documentation;
  • Expanded scalability and stability under load; and
  • New and improved sample codes.

"Our priority is to continue increasing the flexibility and usability of our core products based on customer and partner feedback, and we anticipate delivering expanded deployment options and tools over the coming months," Rich said.

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