ENCO Systems Selects HP Autonomy for Audio and Video Processing

ENCO Systems, a global provider of radio automation and live television audio solutions, has selected Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to upgrade its latest-generation enCaption product.

ENCO Systems provides live automated captioning solutions to the broadcast industry, leveraging technology to deliver closed captioning by taking live audio data and turning it into text. ENCO Systems is capitalizing on IDOL's unique ability to understand meaning, concepts and patterns within massive volumes of spoken and visual content to deliver more accurate speech analytics as part of enCaption3.

"Many television stations count on ENCO to provide real-time closed captioning so that all of their viewers get news and information as it happens, regardless of their auditory limitations," said Ken Frommert, director of marketing at ENCO Systems, in a statement. "Autonomy IDOL helps us provide industry-leading automated closed captioning for a fraction of the cost of traditional services."

enCaption3 is a fully automated speech recognition-based closed captioning system for live television that does not require speaker training. It lets broadcasters caption their programming, including breaking news and weather, any time. enCaption3 provides captioning in near real time, with only a three- to six-second delay, in nearly 30 languages.

"Television networks are under increasing pressure to provide real-time closed captioning services. They face fines if they don't, and their growing and diverse viewers demand it," said Rohit de Souza, general manager of Power at HP Autonomy, in a statement. "This is another example of a technology company integrating Autonomy IDOL to create a stronger, faster and more accurate product offering, and demonstrates yet another powerful way in which IDOL can be applied to help organizations succeed in the human information era."

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