TVEyes Partners with PerVoice to Expand Broadcast Monitoring Capabilities

TVEyes, a provider of broadcast monitoring technologies, and PerVoice, an Italian firm that provides speech-to-text technologies, specifically large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition, or LVCS), have formed a new company called TVEyes Language Technology, a joint venture that will enable the extension of TV and radio broadcasting monitoring in any language, to any market worldwide.

"TVEyes Language Technology, leveraging PerVoice proprietary technology for speech recognition, will enable us to add new languages to our platform with unprecedented speed and efficiency. It is applicable to every spoken language, including regional accents, and the economics can work for nearly any size market," said David Ives, CEO and founder of TVEyes, in a statement. "In addition, if a country or region becomes of urgent interest to a particular client or set of clients, we can add real-time media monitoring for that country and language with rapid turnaround."

TVEyes and PerVoice have partnered for the past two years to launch six new languages for the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite. Thanks to the cooperation of PerVoice, which will provide new technologies, TVEyes can now be aggressive in adding new countries and languages to its Media Monitoring Suite and provide new languages to meet customer requirements in three months or less.

"It was a natural step for the two companies to make a joint investment in TVEyes Language Technology. PerVoice proprietary real-time speech-to-text enables a broad range of applications, including call center advanced analytics, subtitling, and dictation. These differing environments have required us to build very adaptable language models, providing a strong foundation that has catalyzed TVEyes expansion into major markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia," said Alessandro Tescari, CEO of PerVoice, in a statement.

PerVoice, Tescani said, will continue investing and developing its distinctive technologies for international markets and will soon present an integrated solution for the wider landscape of big data insights.

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