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The Cell Phone Does More Than Just Make Calls

Speech user interfaces will expand options for cell phone users.

Mood Rings Are Back

Consumer products manufacturer cuts hold times in half with a new IVR.

Speech Analytics Is on the Rise

Based on the market’s rate of growth since 2004, research firm DMG Consulting expects the speech analytics market to double in 2007 and then again in 2008.

Mobile Search Moves to Free Model

Industry revenue projected to hit $7.5 billion by 2010, researchers predict.

Going Mobile Means Staying Mobile

The move to be more mobile gets a boost as speech and reading software converge

Call Center Workforce Management Reaches Out

Aspect Software reaches out to a broader market with enhancements to eWorkforce Management.

Enterprise Strategy: Success on All Levels

When implementing a speech solution, everyone needs to be on the same page

SAP to Partner with VoiceObjects

Under a new partnering deal inked March 13, SAP is integrating VoiceObjects’ phone application server technology into its own NetWeaver platform. The technology will enable easy input and access to SAP applications via the telephone.

Speech Is an Outright Success

After deploying an IBM/Fluency speech system, an insurance broker saw a 20 percent drop in misdirected calls

Have Your Cake and Analyze It Too

Enterprises have access to a phone application server suite that was built from the ground up with analytics capabilities rather than adding them on as an afterthought.

Speech Providers Standardizing on PCI Express

New server technology allows higher speeds for faster speech application data transfers.

Voicemail Moves to Text

Companies offer voicemail-to-text services, making it possible to read voice messages

Audio Search and Mining: A Look at Unstructured Data

Members of the audio search and mining industry find a voice for search.

Telecom New Zealand Gets Its Self-Service in Ship-Shape

TNZ takes its IVR by the helm and steers clear of bad customer experiences.

Nuance Will Acquire BeVocal

Speech and imaging solutions supplier Nuance Communications continues the acquisition tidal wave that began with its purchase of Lernout & Hauspie in 2001.

VoiceXML Solutions Are Easy to Find

In response to the growing demand for speech solutions based on the VoiceXML platform, the VoiceXML Forum has released an online directory of solutions and providers.

Speech Analytics Is on the Rise

DMG Consulting predicts that speech analytics is set for major growth and adoption in 2007

Vodafone Spain Drives Customer Satisfaction with Speech

Survey results make the customer call center the talk of nearly 179 million people

Hosted Speech: Trend or Foe?

A roundtable discussion with members of the hosted speech community reveals the benefits and concerns with a hosted speech solution

Opus CAT Scan Gives Good Prognosis for Self-Service

In the latest version of its Conversational Access Technologies (CAT) report, Opus Research notes that speech-enabled self-service is growing faster than other IT spending.

Autonomy Helps Contact Centers Smarten Up

By extending the capabilities of its etalk Contact Center portfolio, Autonomy is taking a new approach to contact center management

Nuance Connects Dragon Customers

Nuance releases software bridge for desktop speech recognition and dictation/transcription solutions

ClickFox Digs Deeper

ClickFox shows companies what they have and what they need.

SoundBite and Latitude Collect on Debt

SoundBite and Latitude develop joint solution for debt collection industry

Calling All Podcasters

Yodio to make podcasting easier for non-professionals.

Locked In

Voice User Interfaces should not trap customers.

ASR Cleared for Takeoff

Air traffic controllers have a new voice that is automating the training process

Benchmarking Will Never Be the Same

UTOPY is offering a new service to its clients: Customer Intelligence (CI) Benchmarking.

Envox CT ADE 9.2 Embraces .NET and CTI

Envox upgrades its CT ADE tool with enhanced support for .NET and CTI capabilities.

Transcend Expands Services with Acquisition

Transcend Services is expanding it reach in Chicago with the acquisition of OTP Technologies.

Nuance Sets Lofty 2010 Goals

Plans call for more pervasive use of speech in mobile applications..>

AT&T Yellow Pages Offer a Speech-enabled Alternative

Nuance and VoltDelta partnered to create a custom, speech-enabled user interface for AT&T.

Fonix Fills Stockings with Speech-enabled Fun for Everyone

Speech technology is extending its reach to the young and the young-at-heart through speech-enabled video games and toys.

Speech Enters the iPod Realm

As an alternative to buying a digital recorder, Mac users can now dictate to their iPods.

Huge Growth Predicted in Mobile Field Services

Speech technologies are extending their reach beyond the contact center.> Delivers in a Crisis

Emergency situations by nature are difficult to plan for, but text-to-speech makes communicating with family and friends quicker and easier.

Opus Revisits Voice ASP Best Practices

With new "best practices" popping up everyday, speech purchasers are looking for the tools and processes that are working best now

Intervoice Offers Something to Bank On

Revving up security in banking transactions means speech companies need to offer blended self-service options.

Continental Airlines Takes Off with Speech

While many of its competitors are still floundering in the wake of 9/11 and rising fuel prices, Continental Airlines' stock price has nearly tripled since October 2005. Clearly, Continental is doing a few things right and one of them is its speech technology.

Nuance Springs Internal Speech Applications

Unified communications continues its trendsetting sweep in speech technologies.

Michael Zirngibl, President and CEO,

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with Michael Zirngibl, president and CEO, to discuss what has been going on at in 2006 and what to expect moving forward.

Comcast and DIRECTV Tune Customers in Using Speech

Comcast and DIRECTV two leaders in the cable/satellite industry, both recently deployed speech solutions with the goal of providing an excellent, innovative customer experience and staying ahead of their industry competitors. 

Speech Enables Wake Forest University Students to Go Mobile

Arrivals, Departures and Everything in Between: GOAA Soars With Speech

Aside from the necessity to function smoothly with the 511 system, the Authority's main goal for implementing the speech application was to continue to improve and expand its customer services

U.S. Department of Defense Selects VoxGen

The U.S. Department of Defense selected VoxGen to add speech interface technology to its system that provides maintenance, operations, and engineering support for commercial and military vehicles.

Paul Ricci, Chairman and CEO of Nuance

The name Nuance is widely recognized in the speech industry, but is also inclusive of our other technologies. We believe a technology-independent name better represents the nature of our solutions, both speech and imaging.  We will continue to use ScanSoft, based on the recognition it has earned over the years, as the family name for our imaging applications. 

Speech Lends Its Voice to Help Hurricane Victims

Hurricane Katrina made landfall on August 29 with 140 mph winds, followed shortly thereafter by Hurricane Rita's 120 mph winds on September 24. With flood waters seeping over levees and homes in shambles, victims of the first hurricane scrambled to prepare for Rita's insurgence. Having realized the devastation of Katrina, Texas evacuated over 2.5 million people from multiple coastal cities - preparing for the worst1. Miles of traffic with delays of 15 to 20 hours…