ClickFox Digs Deeper

ClickFox, a provider of software that enables companies to see their customers' step-by-step behaviors as they use self-service systems, including speech-enabled IVRs, Web, kiosks, wireless/mobile devices, and more, recently enhanced its mapping capabilities by adding audio clip playback and threshold capabilities.

The audio clip playback enables companies to retrieve and playback any captured audio from any point in the recording. The mapping capabilities of ClickFox's software show what the caller was doing through each phase of the call and the playback feature allows companies to pinpoint a particular phase within the recording to review. This gives companies not only the ability to see what the customer is doing, but also to hear what the customer is experiencing.

"The ability to record speech-enabled, self-service interactions is a good addition to ClickFox's constellation of tools," says Judith Markowitz, president of J. Markowitz, Consultants. "Usually, recordings of self-service interactions are part of tuning a speech system. ClickFox has recognized that those interactions contain business and CRM information as well. Consequently, making the content of those interactions as accessible to contact-center managers as the content of customer-agent interactions can help an organization understand its customers better."

The other new feature is advanced threshold. The threshold capability allows companies to set boundaries for each business metric. The threshold applies to both upper and lower boundaries and can be set to identify thresholds for business goals such as maximums and minimums for call volumes, call completions, call time, and call containment. By identifying these thresholds, companies can determine whether goals are being met as well as pinpoint problems and quickly find solutions for them. When a threshold is crossed, the ClickFox Behavioral Analytics engine issues an alert via email or SMS message to the business owner.

"Organizations need to interpret the trending and tracking information they are getting in terms of business and other goals," Markowitz adds. "ClickFox's enhanced threshold and benchmarking tools clearly support this critical business need."

There are critical standards that the industry needs to meet in its speech offerings as well as in unified offerings to continue to grow and expand. "The industry has to start providing systems that are not as lengthy, meaning systems should be smart enough to know what I need and give it to me without me having to step through an entire process to get to it," says Marco Pacelli, CEO of ClickFox. "The only way to provide the systems with this knowledge is by doing the analytics work in an automated way to feed the systems like the speech systems with the information in real time so that they can react in real-time and give the customers what they want in a unified way."

As far as what analytics can provide for unified communications, it can "give a roadmap of what unified communications need to look like, what it needs to deliver, and what kind of customer it is best for without losing those customers," Pacelli states.

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