Benchmarking Will Never Be the Same

UTOPY is offering a new service to its clients, Customer Intelligence (CI) Benchmarking. The benchmarking is a reporting service that enables UTOPY's customers to track caller trends in any industry through online data that UTOPY has compiled.

The data is based on calls from more than 25 projects that were recorded and analyzed by UTOPY to determine the most common questions and difficulties that callers encounter with automated systems. These trends can be tracked by an industry vertical or by the type of metric in more than 10 categories, including customer experience, customer dissatisfaction, loyalty and retention, upsell and cross-sell success, process effectiveness, along with other performance metrics that influence customer behavior. 

"Without making a major investment in speech analytics, [CI Benchmarking] will give enterprises a lot of useful, directional information," explains Donna Fluss, principal of DMG Consulting. "Benchmarking hasn't had a good name in the past. However, the information in this database comes from real engagements, which means that this is good data from large and midsized enterprises." 

Other companies use this information to help their customers, but this is the first formal service offering from a speech analytics company, according to Fluss. "I don't think anyone has ever made this available as a resource," says Ted Lubousky, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Utopy.

CI Benchmarking is an ongoing process that changes as the industry makes adjustments based on the information it provides. As enterprises assess the major issues, others will receive increased priority and be improved. "This isn't a one-time thing; it is extremely useful. It is part of the maturation of the marketplace. Utopy has just put a ribbon around it and formalized it," Fluss concludes. —Stephanie Staton

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