Speech Solution Integration

Speech Technology Could Aid in Dementia Detection

New algorithm looks at speech patterns to help identify early stages of Alzheimers, dementia and aphasia.

Voice Assistants to Revolutionize Commerce, Research Finds

User spending via voice assistants is expected to grow as much as six times in three years, Capgemini reported recently.

Acer to Move Alexa onto PCs

Acer is adding Amazon's voice-enabled virtual assistant to its desktop and notebook computers.

Opportunities Abound for a Voice-Powered IoT

Strategy Analytics has found a number of opportunities and business use cases for voice interfaces in the Internet of Things.

Industry Voices

EMMA Success Leads to New Challenges

GPS, data analysis top innovations list.

Talking to the World

Speech applications don't exist in a vacuum.

Discovering Multimodal Components

Wider use of apps offers broad potential

Automated Translation Saves Thousands

But proper implementation requires meticulous preparation

Speech Technology Reports and Research

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