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May 2008

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Why word-for-word translations just don't work.

Mining for Meaning

Contextualizing calls prepares speech analytics for mainstream adoption.

Speech on a Network

Tear down the silos before adding voice to a services-oriented architecture.


Collecting Calls

A rent-to-own chain saves time with voice-based outgoing calls to delinquent customers.

Declaration of Independence

A speaker-independent voice system proves valuable for a Midwest warehousing firm.


Editor's Letter

It's All About Adding Value

Forward Thinking

Speech Solutions in China, Part II: Network Solutions

China is fertile ground for speech, but it needs proper cultivation.

Industry View

Ancient Applications

Though technology has advanced, speech is still a second-class citizen.

Inside Outsourcing

Tuning Is a Multitiered Process

Best practices to consider when tuning an application.


Ethics in VUI Design

Offer advice that you can back up with evidence.

Talking Tech

Moving the Conversation Forward

Don't harp on errors that can be resolved later.

Voice Value

Inside SRI's STAR Labs

Developing great technologies for public and private use


How Do You Say That?

New W3C standard promises to improve pronunciation.

Speech Solutions

Automated Testing Solutions

There are a wide variety of testing solutions available to examine speech IVRs and provide precise, actionable data with which enterprise customers can enact improvements.


On the Scene: Voice Search and VoiceCon

(Voice) Searching for Answers, Divided We Fall


Under-the-radar speech technology news

Upwardly Mobile: Speech Answers the Wireless Call

Following a bevy of vendor announcements in April, speech is poised to better integrate into mobile devices.

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