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September 2008

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The 2008 Implementation Awards

Recognizing four user companies that garnered impressive returns as a direct result of the speech deployments.

The 2008 Market Leaders

Recognizing the leading speech engine, speech self-service suite, speech security, speech analytics, professional services, and mobile application vendors.

The 2008 Speech Luminaries

Recognizing four professionals who have advanced industry causes and worked to build awareness and acceptance of speech technologies.

The 2008 Star Performers

Recognizing four speech technology vendors that have greatly contributed to industry growth through innovative product launches and corporate leadership.


Editor's Letter

Growth, Are You Flirting With Us?

Forward Thinking

Who Will Win the GUI-VUI Race?

Multimodal applications present a new type of user interface.

In Other Words

Internationalize, Don't Localize

Think twice before pigeonholing an application in just one language.

Inside Outsourcing

Shopping for a Speech Solution Partner?

Questions to ask a potential vendor prior to deciding on a solution.


Getting Users to Do What We Want

Designers continually struggle with how to get the responses they need.

Talking Tech

A Question of Geography

How to present geographic locations to Spanish-speaking users of automated systems in the U.S.

A View from AVIOS

Convenience Is King

Consumer tradeoffs of security versus ease of use could affect the market for voice biometrics.

Voice Value

Speech in a Digital World

The transition to digital television presents new opportunities for TTS.

Speech Solutions

Mass Message Delivery Systems


Consumers Voice Their Banking Concerns

Customers are worried about security issues when giving information over the phone to a contact center agent.

Convergys Acquires Intervoice

The provider of customer care and billing services announces that it will acquire the voice systems provider for $335 million.

Google Speaks to Voters and Drivers

The search engine giant launched two speech-enabled search products in July.

Industry Dashboard

Spotlight on Outbound IVR


Under-the-radar speech news

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