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March/April 2023

Magazine Features

Has Speech Crossed the Uncanny Valley?

People no longer see humanlike speech as too creepy. The question is whether that will last.

Tips for Adding Speech to Your Metaverse Presence

It's hard to imagine a virtual world without audio, but it doesn't just happen.

Speech Model Training Gets Easier with the Latest Tools

Training AI models for some voice interfaces could be as simple as drag and drop.


Forward Thinking

It’s Time to Cross Speech Tech’s Annoying Valley

Face it: IVR systems are almost all annoying.

Voice Value

COVID Increased Disability, but It Also Showed How to Make Society More Accessible

The number of people with disabilities has grown, and so will the need for accommodations.


How to Make ChatGPT Usable for Enterprises

Not surprisingly, a standardized format would make the process a lot easier.


Lawmakers Propose a Ban on Government Use of Biometrics

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