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November/December 2009

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In the Future Everything Will Be Modular—Or at Least VoiceXML

VoiceXML 3.0 looks to solve everything you didn't like about VoiceXML 2.0.

Speech Declares Its Independence

Warehousing systems evolve to the point where they can act with any kind of hardware, software, vendor, and voice.

The Great Debate

Are standards and universal commands necessary in VUI design?


A Matter of Time

An IVR helps electronics retailer Comet dedicate more time to high-value customers who need extra help.

Furnishing Callers with a Better Experience

IKEA's German unit installs an IVR to reduce call times.


Editor's Letter

Innovation, a Standard Practice

The Business Case

Hosted IVR Might Be Right for You

But be willing to weigh the trade-offs versus the benefits.

Forward Thinking

Legal Issues Surrounding Speech

Who will get the ball rolling on creating the rules?

Inside Outsourcing

When Your Outsourcer Outsources

Is this an out-and-out solution?


Are You Happy When People Call?

We should be grateful when customers call us to complain.

A View from AVIOS

Speech Recognition Comes of Age

So why not ensure that your solution is next-generation?

Voice Value

The Tipping Point of Speech Proliferation, Part II

Speech gains in UC and mobile applications.

Speech Solutions

Dictation/Transcription Solutions


Avaya's Nortel Bid Goes Through

As the bidding process ends, Avaya comes out on top with its offer for Nortel's Enterprise Solutions, Government Solutions, and DiamondWare business units


Under-the-radar speech news.

Preference Low for Voice Channels

Convergys research finds favor growing for online channels over speech-enabled systems.

Speech Primed for Future Elections

Voting system's creator looks to the federal government for support as he continues to improve the voice-based functionality of Prime III.

Voxeo Acquires Motorola’s VoiceXML Browser Technology

The deal includes all of Motorola's rights to and interests in the VoxGateway VoiceXML browser.

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