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January/February 2004

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Learning from our Successes

Although technology improvement will continue to play a key role in providing better experiences for end users it is no longer the key bottleneck to growth of the speech industry.

Speech in the Healthcare Industry

Because of linguistic dangers, speech solutions that are effective in some areas of healthcare can have lethal consequences in others. Applied to the right solutions, however, speech is an effective tool for medical care providers. Dr. Caroline Henton analyzes the benefits of speech in healthcare and how the dangers are being overcome.

Visual Studio.NET vs. WebSphere

Two developers from different developing environments describe what it’s like to deploy a speech application. Compare their experiences and their unique insights.


Speech-enabling the Healthcare System

Learn how the Caritas Christi Health System in Boston is improving efficiency using speech. Through careful planning and restructuring, the hospital is saving money and doctors, patients and hospital employees are benefiting.

Trouble Shooting With Speech

In an effort to improve customer service automation Dr. Judith Spitz, senior vice president of network & national operations systems at Verizon, turned to speech. Now, every call to the Repair Center in Verizon East goes to an automated speech system, and 20 percent are completed without associate assistance.


Editor's Letter


Forward Thinking

Going to the Dogs

Dr. Matsumi Suzuki, president of Japan Acoustic Lab and a developer the science incorporated into Bow-Lingual, was kind enough to grant an interview to Speech Technology Magazine

Help Users Speak

A speech application does not work if users do not speak when prompted with a question.

Human Factor

Casting Users in Parts as Parts

Thinking of users as “parts” is actually a natural and understandable inclination: When we think about systems, we cannot help but think systematically.

Industry View

Optimizing Your Life(cycle)

Zelos Group recently completed a detailed life-cycle analysis of a typical speech deployment, based on a real-world experience base of 20 deployments for both premises-based and hosted solutions.

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