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November/December 2007

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Mission: Video

The merger of voice and video goes from spy-tech to high tech.

The User Becomes a Standard Bearer

Designing speech applications with the user in mind is the closest thing you'll find to an industry standard.

TTS Is Finding Its Way

TTS technology marches forward, despite its current flaws and limitations.


Documented Savings Abound

Dictation/transcription software is the perfect remedy for a medical group's high report-generating costs.

Listening for Lies

Voice risk analysis helps the British government deter benefits fraud.


Editor's Letter

'Your Call Automation Sucks'

Forward Thinking

Speech Recognition for the Warehouse Comes of Age

SR is seen as a critical tool for enhancing worker safety and productivity and improving the bottom line.

Talking Tech

This Is Your Wake-Up Call

For speech to move into the mainstream, VUI designers need to jump in early.

A View from AVIOS

Focus Groups Can Optimize Speech Applications

In designing a voice user interface, actual customers can best express the preferences of the customers.

Voice Value

Datria Fast Forwards Warehouse Speech Opportunities

Solution is the first to use IP phones rather than wearable computers.

Speech Solutions

Voice Biometrics

Voice biometric solutions qualify the speaker's identity, essentially adding another countermeasure to combat identity thieves. In so doing, voice biometrics improve contact center efficiency by reducing call time.


Fewer Vendors Sit Atop the UC Magic Quadrant

Gartner Restores a Leader to Its Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure

Microsoft Finds the First Client for Its Tellme Technology

Nuance Names Wes Hayden to Head New Enterprise Division

Study Shows VoIP Quality Leaves Room for Improvement

Targeted Advertising or Eavesdropping?

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