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Winter 2017 Issue

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Bringing IVR to the Mobile Environment

As consumers go mobile, can interactive voice response platforms follow?

Companies Learn Slowly from IVR Mistakes

Prompts that leave customers screaming rather than satisfied are still too common


BoomTown Builds Valuable Insights from Voice Conversations with Invoca

The B2B real estate software company increased conversions and ROI with call intelligence

Philips Voice Technology Helps Law Firm Dismiss Frustration

Attorneys and other employees handle dictations more efficiently using Philips Pocket Memo and SpeechExec


Editor's Letter

Speech: The Solution for ‘What’ Ails You

The benefits of speech extend through every step of the medical process, from making appointments to receiving diagnoses

Forward Thinking

Intelligent Agents Are Poised to Change the Conversation

These apps can already understand what you say; soon they'll understand who you are and how you're feeling

In Other Words

Speech Solutions Can Translate into Better Medical Care

Speech translation technology can help non-native-speaker and hearing-impaired patients navigate the medical experience

Inside Outsourcing

Gender Bias Affects Voice User Interface Design—for Better or Worse

Female and male voices are perceived differently, even when they use the same exact words


Speech Processing or Natural Language Understanding? You Be the Judge

Both are important, but in today's increasingly voice-first world, which one is more so?

Voice Value

Robotic Process Automation Reduces Human Grunt Work

Chatbots and IVAs get all the ink, but RPA applications are vital to a smooth contact center operation


Deep Learning, Big Data, and Clear Standards

For natural language tools to take on greater complexity, they'll need consistent, agreed-upon data annotations


Overheard Underheard

Under-the-radar speech news

Progress Made Toward Speech-Based Predictive Analytics

A new type of solution using voice analysis could hold the key to helping companies better predict customer behavior

Voice Assistants Get Friendly with One Another

Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana will soon be able to talk to each other

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