BoomTown Builds Valuable Insights from Voice Conversations with Invoca

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BoomTown, a company that helps real estate professionals with CRM efforts and other marketing needs, was looking for a way to boost its own marketing with prospective clients, who are typically brokers or lead agents.

Real estate brokers and team leaders tended to learn about BoomTown, which is based in Charleston, S.C., through a variety of means, including word of mouth, online research, and articles in industry publications. BoomTown relied largely on prospects going to the company’s website and filling out a form, with someone from the BoomTown sales team then following up, according to Brock Ward, its digital marketing manager.

In late 2015 and early 2016, BoomTown evaluated its marketing and sales practices and discovered that phone calls from prospective clients converted into customers at a much higher rate than online inquires—and generated more revenue.

While many prospects find BoomTown through digital channels, phone conversation with sales representatives are really the best way to convey the nuances of BoomTown’s unique product features and benefits, Ward explains.

Phone interactions are important for another reason: Real estate professionals are frequently in the field visiting properties and meeting with clients, and the unpredictability of their schedules and the mobile nature of their work make them more likely to call for information than to fill out a web form or send an email.

After that internal research, BoomTown execs decided they needed a platform that could extract information from prospects’ calls and put it back into the company’s own marketing efforts.

“We were looking to partner to help boost our own branding,” Ward says. “In my role as digital marketing manager, I was looking for a way to stitch together our offline and online marketing efforts.”

BoomTown execs looked at a few platforms before eventually choosing Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud. Invoca launched the Voice Marketing Cloud in October 2016 to connect insights from voice conversations to the rest of the customer journey by bringing a full suite of marketing automation capabilities to phone calls.

With call and voice analytics, users can optimize the entire path to purchase, from click to call, by learning who’s calling and why, in real time, and then analyzing what is being said during the conversation.

The Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud delivers the same capabilities for voice interactions that digital marketing clouds bring to web, email, social, and display advertising. With it, companies can optimize their marketing performance, personalize the caller experience, automate the omnichannel journey, and expand their audiences with both digital and voice interactions.

At the heart of the Voice Marketing Cloud is the Signal intelligence engine, which can define, discover, and act on the insights it uncovers. Signal taps into hundreds of data points and uses machine learning to help users understand where calls originate, who is calling, what is said, the outcome of those calls, and other insights into the customer journey.

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