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Winter 2019 Issue

Magazine Features

The 2019 State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Accuracy rates rise and quality improves

The 2019 State of Speech Analytics

Cloud-based solutions give speech analytics a boost

The 2019 State of Speech Engines

Suppliers focus on adding new languages and voice options in order to differentiate their services

The State of Artificial Intelligence

Training AI and machine learning leads to big gains and increased adoption

The State of Assistive Technology

The market for assistive tech is growing, but pain points still exist

The State of Speech Developer Platforms

Vendors woo third parties and have success integrating speech into more business applications

The State of Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics is becoming popular with big corporations but is still out of reach for many


Broadw.ai: Buying Broadway Tickets Out Loud

Broadw.ai had the Broadway marketing and sales experience to know that theatergoers would find a digital ticketing agent appealing, but it needed a partner to develop its AI-based answer engine


Editor's Letter

Housekeeping and Homework for 2019

There's no doubt we'll have plenty to talk about in the year to come

The Business Case

Speech Analytics and AI Is a Winning Combination

Service, quality management, and the customer journey will all see big gains

Forward Thinking

Will Speech Technology Keep Speech Free?

The technology is magical, but can be misused

Voice Value

Amid the AI Fervor, a Case for Automating with a Human Touch

When bots and live agents tackle customer service together, CX and the bottom line benefit

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