Speech Technology eWeekly - July 14, 2021

Speech Technology News

How to Leverage Predictive Analytics in the Contact Center

Calabrio Product Marketing Manager Terri Kocon discusses how to deploy next-generation analytics to deliver more actionable insights in the contact center in this clip from her presentation at CX Connect 2021.

Conversational AI Market to Reach $12.12 Billion by 2025

The global market for conversational artificial intelligence is expected to grow by 18.9 percent per year for the next four years.

ASC Adds to Microsoft Teams Recording

ASC has added encryption and analytics capabilities to ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams.

Voxprotocol Partners with Voice Marketing Provider Cashew.ai

Voxprotocol will provide Cashew with premier access to its monthly active user base of Triple-A Voice Apps.

Rev.com Partners with Film Festival Alliance on Captioning

Rev.com is making its captioning service available to Film Festival Alliance members at a discount.

Zoom Adds Sensory Speech Recognition to Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms now allow for voice control due to Sensory TrulyNatural integration.

Thales Partners with ID R&D on Voice Biometrics

The two companies' unique voice matching technology requires no input from call center staff.

Industry Voices

Speech Recognition - The Gaming Industry's Answer to Avoiding Fines

Speech recognition is processor intensive, but a well-engineered, highly tuned GPU-powered system can decrease costs and allow gaming companies to train the system to cope with customers' specific languages.