Thales Partners with ID R&D on Voice Biometrics

Thales has partnered with ID R&D to launch a voice biometric solution as part of the Thales Trusted Digital Identity Service Platform for onboarding and authentication.

Thales' automated voice matching solution is completely transparent and unobtrusive for callers and requires no input or training on the part of call center staff. Callers' voices are compared rapidly with stored voiceprints of known fraudsters and individuals associated with suspicious call patterns.

"ID R&D provides a new generation of voice biometrics that enables superior security and better user experiences. Partnering with Thales to detect and avoid fraud without imposing friction on customers and without giving any clues to fraudsters is exciting," said Alexey Khitrov, CEO of ID R&D, in a statement. "With this solution, we offer mobile operators a strong case for deploying voice biometrics to stop fraud during new subscriber enrolment and subsequently strengthen ongoing authentication."

"Fraudsters are now targeting more and more remote channels, like call centers, to impersonate legitimate customers," said Guillaume Lafaix, vice president of mobile connectivity solutions at Thales, in a statement. "But the unique characteristics of the voice therefore represent a powerful asset to fight those types of fraud. Captured effortlessly at enrolment, voice biometrics also establish a pathway for enhancing the long-term customer experience."

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