Speech Technology eWeekly - September 01, 2021


2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: Microsoft Buys Big with Nuance

Nuance had long been considered an acquisition target, and Microsoft finally pulled off a deal in April worth $19.7 billion. Microsoft reportedly plans to use Nuance's technology to augment its cloud products for healthcare, which were launched last year.

Speech Technology News

MiaRec Releases Integrated Voice Analytics

MiaRec has updated the voice analytics in its call recording, transcription, and quality assurance solutions.

Cognigy Launches Insights, a Conversational AI Analytics Suite

The Cognigy Insights analytics suite will enhance the Cognigy.AI platform to make sense of conversational data.

VOIQ Launches Fundraising Voice Assistant

VOIQ's Fundraising Voice Assistant help tech firms with funding rounds.

Qumu Adds Transcriptions and Captioning

Qumu now offers on-demand asynchronous video transcriptions and captioning for on-demand video.

Otter.ai Launches Otter Assistant for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex

Otter Assistant records, transcribes, and shares meeting notes across Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex.

QuickLogic and Rubidium Partner on Voice User Interface Solution at the Edge

QuickLogic and Rubidium are offering a voice-recognition solution that consumes very little power.

Sanas Launches Accent Translation Technology

Sanas' accent matching technology uses a speech-to-speech approach.

In Other Words

Are ASR Engines Ready for Machine Translation?

Speech recognition has come a long way, but even minor errors can make a big difference.