Speech Technology eWeekly - April 20, 2022


Voice Biometrics Are Not 100 Percent Foolproof, but Steadily Improving

The technology has holes, but is more efficient than traditional password security.

Speech Technology News

AppTek Launches Metadata-Informed Neural Machine Translation System

AppTek's new system offers advanced customization options for multi-domain, multi-dialect, multi-genre translations.

MagicData-RAMC Releases Mandarin Speech Dataset

The open-source MagicData-RAMC is a 180-hour conversational speech dataset in Mandarin Chinese.

Quantum Expands Use of NVIDIA Technology

Quantum's new video enrichment and analytics solution uses its CatDV software with NVIDIA's AI.

Botco.ai and Medtelligent Partner

Botco.ai's conversational automation platform integrates with Medtelligent's electronic health records tools to aid residents and staff at assisted living communities.

Suki Adds "Show Me" Commands to Its Voice-Enabled Digital Assistant

Suki Assistant can now retrieve patient information from electronic health records.

Imagine Learning Partners with SoapBox

Imagine Learning taps SoapBox's speech recognition to help educators assess reading and language skills.

Vinfast to Integrate Amazon Voice AI into VF 8 and VF 9 Electric Cars

VF 8 and VF 9 will offer seamless integration with Amazon Alexa for hands-free access to music, news, navigation, traffic updates, smart home control, and more than 130,000 Alexa Skills and to control in-car functions.

Instreamatic Launches Speaky

Instreamatic's Speaky is a voice AI platform for customer feedback and real-time sentiment analysis.

WELL Health Invests in Tali.ai to Develop AI-Powered Voice Assistant

WELL Health Technologies will commercialize Tali's voice technology across its electronic health records portfolio.