Instreamatic Launches Speaky

Instreamatic, providers of a voice marketing platform, today launched Speaky, a many-to-one communication solution that enables customers to speak their minds to companies or content producers by leaving brief audio messages at any physical or digital brand touchpoint.

Leveraging Instreamatic's voice artificial technology technology, Speaky instantly analyzes the ideas, advice, suggestions, and other insights that customers communicate verbally and then delivers real-time reporting to help companies put that insight into action.

"Consumers expect communication with brands to be a two-way street, but many struggle to be heard, hampering the brand experience," said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of Instreamatic, in a statement. "Speaky offers customers an unprecedented way to say exactly what they want to say right in that moment, say it quickly, say it memorably, and say it in their own voice. Brands using Speaky can unlock these customer sentiments, which are richer, more emotional, and more useful to a brand than legacy outmoded approaches like comment cards or questionnaires. With unprecedented qualitative data immediately processed by our voice AI capabilities, brands can connect to customers like never before. Brands across industries can now apply Speaky to their own use cases and start listening."

To use Speaky, customers simply click links available at online brand touchpoints (social channels, email, newsletters, websites, etc.), or scan QR codes at offline touchpoints (such as in-store experiences). Customers then leave audio messages in which they can say anything they like. Speaky's voice AI analyzes those customer responses, and the brand receives an actionable report. Speaky's detailed real-time reporting dashboard includes voice transcripts and sentiment analysis.

"Speaky is the first voice technology that enables many-to-one communication. Messengers and social media only offer one-to-one and one-to-many communication channels," Tushinskiy said. "With Speaky, brands can hear their customers and get actionable insights based on what the majority of their customers are saying, literally."

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