Speech Technology eWeekly - August 13, 2008

Speech Solutions

Automated Customer Surveys

Enterprises need to get customer input to optimize their interactive voice response (IVR) systems and contact centers. But what services are out there to go about collecting that data?

Speech Technology News

Nuance Introduces Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10

New release is faster, more accurate, and delivers features to navigate the Web, send emails, and control applications by voice.

Verint and NICE Resolve Patent Disputes

Out-of-court settlement puts to rest a four-year patent war related to analytics solutions and call recording solutions.

Digium Offers Cepstral “Allison Voice” TTS for Asterisk Telephony Systems

Interactive voice response application integrates custom dynamic messaging with prerecorded prompts.

Philips Unveils Dictation Solution for BlackBerry

SpeechExec Enterprise 2.5 empowers BlackBerry device users with mobile dictation functionality, including enhanced security, intuitive operation, and easy administration.

GIPS Enables VoIP on the iPhone

New platform lets developers build VoIP applications specifically for Apple's smartphone.


Intuiting Design

Listen to your gut, but back it up with user data.