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BUSINESS PROBLEM: Enterprises need to get customer input to optimize their interactive voice response (IVR) systems and contact centers.  But what services are out there to go about collecting that data?
TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION: Automated Customer Surveys
Automated customer surveys can provide and analyze large quantities of customer data. 

Product: RightNow Feedback and Surveys
Delivery Method: A fully hosted solution.
Pricing: Per-seat pricing starts at $100 per user per month with a one-year subscription.
Functionality:  RightNow’s customer satisfaction survey software integrates with every touch point to ensure that customers are satisfied, whether they interact with Web self-service or an interactive voice response system. Voice-enabled surveys allow voice self-service users to provide important feedback via IVR and speech recognition technology. Enterprises can conduct customer satisfaction surveys on  both inbound and outbound calls. The solution also applies an emotional rating to the text of each customer’s responses.
Business Benefits: RightNow Feedback gathers, tracks, and acts on real-time customer feedback across all departments and channels. It automates follow up and analysis and drives customer experience, loyalty, and satisfaction.
Contact: RightNow at 1-866-630-7669; www.rightnow.com.

Product: Activa Opinion-8
Delivery Method: A fully hosted solution.
Pricing: Prices start at $345 per month.
Functionality: Activa Opinion-8 is a customer satisfaction assessment and monitoring solution that enables contact centers to uncover their customers’ opinions about the level of service they have received, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It complements traditional quality assessment tools, such as call recording, mystery shopping, and silent monitoring, and is a highly scalable solution that can conduct one to thousands of simultaneous customer surveys. The solution also analyzes and replays comment recordings through a browser-based interface from any location, and raises alerts to managers depending on the customer service level. 
Business Benefits: Opinion-8 allows customers to objectively express their views, providing organizations with information for training, motivating, and rewarding employees, improving overall quality of service and benchmarking brand values against true market perceptions.
Contact: Activa at +44-8707 544514; www.activa.co.uk.

Product: Database Systems’ Automatic Phone Surveys Using IVR Technology
Delivery Method: Installed software or hosted solution.
Pricing: A basic survey costs $1,500 to $2,000.
Functionality: Inbound IVR surveys can be processed using this application or IVR surveys can be initiated by outbound phone calls to respondents. DSC’s automated phone systems can contact survey prospects and play an introductory message. The survey respondent is then given the option to take the survey, leave a voice message, hear additional information, or talk with a representative. The telephone survey can accept touchtone responses or can record each question response for later analysis.
Business Benefits: This automated phone survey software is highly customizable to meet an organization’s survey requirements. An experienced, professional staff designs and programs the surveys, and, for enterprises that want to develop their own surveys, DSC provides the necessary training and tools.  
Contact: Database Systems at 1-602-265-5968; www.call-center-tech.com.

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