Speech Technology eWeekly - October 26, 2022


2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: LivePerson Centers on Conversational AI

LivePerson has been developing conversational technologies since its founding in 1995. A central piece in its technology portfolio for the past few years has been the Conversational Cloud, which the New York-based company launched in August 2020.

Speech Technology News

IBM Expands Embeddable Voice AI Solutions

IBM has expanded its embeddable artificial intelligence software portfolio with libraries for building natural language processing, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech capabilities into applications.

EmbodyMe Launches Voice2Face Technology

EmbodyMe's xpression camera's Voice2Face drives on-screen video animation from users' voices.

Aiera Launches Live Audio Controls on Mobile App

Aiera's revamped mobile experience now allows investment professionals to pause, rewind, and adjust playback speed during live events.

Meta Develops Speech-to-Speech Translation for Oral Language

Meta's working on a speech-to-speech system capable of translations without relying on text transcription.

nVoq and CareXM Partner

nVoq will offer its clinical documentation solutions to CareXM users for in-home healthcare.

SoundHound Launches Intelligent Transcription

SoundHound Intelligent Transcription generates text from speech, of course, but it also derives meaning from the audio.

Suki Adds Mobile as a Mic Functionality in Latest Platform Release

The Fall '22 Release of Suki Assistant offers new voice capabilities for medical dictation.