SoundHound Launches Intelligent Transcription

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SoundHound AI, a provider of voice artificial intelligence, today launched Intelligent Transcription, a real-time transcription service fueled by SoundHound's Speech-to-Meaning system, going beyond sounds and words to better understand meaning and intent.

With Intelligent Transcription, the system not only generates the text of a conversation in real time but simultaneously structures it and tags key topics and entities from which it infers speaker meaning and intent.

SoundHound Intelligent Transcription has a variety of use cases, from assisting customer service agents in the contact center to supporting salespeople with cross-sell and upsell opportunities, to transcribing virtual meetings with many participants.

SoundHound Intelligent Transcription can also be combined with predictive analytics applications to suggest responses and next-best actions across a broad range of topics. SoundHound Intelligent Transcription works by establishing meaning using cues from both pre-built and custom topics and offers features that can identify common entities like Social Security numbers, phone numbers, dates, times, and currencies. It is also optimized for large vocabularies and can operate in environments with competing noise and will use clues from the audio feed to identify elements of speech that cannot be derived from pure text.

"In a fast-paced environment, real-time transcription can be invaluable. But often it's difficult to identify key topics or important information in the flow of a conversation," said James Hom, chief product officer of SoundHound, in a statement. "Not only is our new transcription service extremely accurate, it's powered by advanced AI technology that gives shape and structure to dialogue. This makes new information from live conversations more easily actionable, drawing the agent's attention to meaning and details that may otherwise be missed. The net result is that Intelligent Transcription equips agents with more intelligence to take the right actions faster."

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