Speech Technology eWeekly - February 08, 2023

Speech Technology News

Conversational AI Market to Reach $41.9 Billion by 2030, Says P&S Intelligence

Growing use of IVAs and chatbots for customer service are the biggest trends in conversational AI, the firm reports.

Humans.ai Adds Voice AI to the Hedera Network

Humans.ai's AIverse Klon text-to-speech launches on the Hedera network.

ID R&D Awarded Patent for Continuous Biometric Authentication in Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

ID R&D's approach captures multiple biometrics, including voice, in the background during chatbot communications.

Uniphore Acquires Red Box

Uniphore's acquisition of Red Box strengthens its ability to capture conversation data.

ETRI Releases Multilingual Speech Recognition with 24 Languages

Korea's ETRI has launched an ASR engine that it hopes will support up to 30 languages by the end of this year.

Read2Me Launches TTS Product

Read2Me is a browser-based text-to-speech tool to convert text of any format into audio.

VoxEQ Perfects Age-From-Voice Prediction

VoxEQ's voice biometrics provides another layer of protection for fraud protection.

Maqsam Introduces Arabic Speech Recognition

Maqsam's Arabic ASR engine works with mainstream Arabic and the many dialects spoken throughout the Middle East and northern Africa.