Speech Technology eWeekly - April 19, 2023


Tips for Adding Speech to Your Metaverse Presence

It's hard to imagine a virtual world without audio, but it doesn't just happen.

Speech Technology News

Speechmatics to Launch Real-Time Speech Translation and Transcription Together

Speechmatics' new app will integrate real-time translation and transcription in an all-in-one API.

3M Partners with AWS to Improve Documentation

3M Health Information Systems collaborates with AWS to accelerate AI innovation in clinical documentation

Keen Research Launches KeenASR for Web

Keen ASR is an on-device speech recognition solution for web applications.

Whispp Launches Mobile Speech App

Whispp's AI-powered speech app gives a voice to people with voice impairments.

CallMiner Integrates with Zoom

CallMiner's integration with Zoom Meetings enables users to ingest and analyze video and audio from the collaboration and communication platform.

VIQ Solutions Releases CapturePro Mobile

VIQ Solutions' CapturePro Mobile enables mobile capture of audio and video for transcript creation.

Suki Launches Suki Assistant Gen 2

In Suki Assistant Gen 2, Suki adds generative AI capabilities.

Siemens Partners with Microsoft to Enable Voice-Based Product Development

Siemens and Microsoft bring speech technologies to the industrial design and manufacturing realms.

FlexClip Launches Speech-Enabled Collaboration Feature

FlexClip's Team feature for creative collaboration includes text-to-speech and translation capabilities.