Speech Technology eWeekly - June 21, 2023


2023 Vertical Markets Spotlight: Speech Technology in Restaurants

Staffing shortages prompt a greater use of voice ordering automation.

Speech Technology News

Glia Partners with Illuma to Bring Voice Authentication to Customer Interactions

Partnership integrates Illuma Shield with the Glia Interaction Platform.

Far-Field Speech and Voice Recognition Market to Be Worth $6.9 Billion by 2028

MarketsandMarkets expects the global market for far-field speech solutions to grow by 13.1 percent per year for the next five years.

Voice Assistant Application Market to Grow by $10.3 Billion Through 2027

Technavio sees the increasing adoption of mobile and smart home devices driving growth of the voice assistant market.

FlexClip Adds AI to Its Video Content Creation Tool

FlexClip introduces AI Text-to-Video, AI Video Script, and AI Image Generator in the latest version.

DSP Concepts Provides Voice Technology for the KT Genie TV

The KT Genie TV features the GiGA Genie AI voice assistant powered by DSP's TalkTo technology.

VIQ Partners with JAVS on Courtroom Documentation Using AI

VIQ and JAVS are pairing up to provide draft transcripts of court proceedings.

TrueCaller Launches Call Recording and Transcription

TrueCaller's new feature lets users record, summarize, and transcribe calls on iPhone and Android devices.