Speech Technology eWeekly - January 14, 2009



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Forensic Call Search Service Launches

Iocallfinder recognizes and indexes recorded conversations, allowing for call categorization and forensic searching based on spoken content.

ATX Brings Telematics to Toyota

New luxury car offering for Lexus features a voice interface.

Telrex Offers Pay-As-You-Go Analytics

Company's new service gives business intelligence without the high price tag.

PSC Launches Automated Patient Communication Solutions

CALLERExpress provides on-demand voice applications for healthcare providers and their patients.

Ford Adds SYNC Features

SYNC with Traffic, Directions, and Information provides access to personalized traffic reports, precise turn-by-turn driving directions, and up-to-date information such as business listings, news, sports, and weather.

TomTom Expands Voice Recognition in New GPS Device

Drivers can control the new GO 740 LIVE with more than 130 voice commands.

Skype Building a Mobile Base

New software versions of popular VoIP calling platform available for a growing number of mobile devices and platforms.