Speech Technology eWeekly - July 21, 2010


Market Leaders: Speech Analytics

Speech Technology News

Avaya Launches Next-Generation Customer Service and Collaboration Applications

Avaya Aura Communications Platform powers new applications and redefines the economics of real-time businesses communications and collaboration.

West Interactive Partners with MarketTools to Improve Contact Center Results

The companies will focus on West's Insight Customer Intelligence solution.

Advance in Customer Care Technology Introduced by Interactions

New management team and customer deployment announced.

Bubble Motion's Voice-Blogging Service Hits 1.2 Million Subscribers

The company is adding 100,000 new paid 'Bubblers' per week and plans rollouts in other countries.

Junction Networks Teams Up with PhoneTag to Offer Voicemail-to-Text

OnSIP customers can now receive transcribed voicemails in their email inbox.

CenturiSoft Joins Sangoma Global Partner Program

Centuri Messenger application to be integrated with NetBorder Express.

St. John's Hospital Selects Amcom's Smartphone Messaging Solution

Integration to existing hospital contact center applications, such as operator consoles and Web-based on-call scheduling, is expected to improve staff messaging facilitywide.

The View from AVIOS

Why We Don't Have HAL 9000...Yet

Speech is still a tool, and should be treated as such.