Bubble Motion's Voice-Blogging Service Hits 1.2 Million Subscribers

Launched just months ago, Bubble Motion's voice-blogging phone service has quickly amassed more than 2 million overall users and currently has in excess of 1.2 million paid subscribers across multiple telecom operators in India.

Bubble Motion's Bubbly, known as BubbleBlog locally to consumers in India, is a voice-blogging phone service that lets people share voice updates with friends, family, fans, and followers by simply recording updates on their phone. Bubbly is configured like a voice-based Twitter, using SMS alerts and dial-in codes to record and receive voice updates.

Bubbly is already bigger than Twitter in India for participating celebrities. Indian icon Amitabh Bachchan, for example, has more than 350,000 followers to his Bubbly voice-blog, compared to 250,000 on Twitter. And, unlike Web-based social media platforms, followers on Bubbly are paying up to 65 cents per month to be notified in real time of voice-blog updates per celebrity they are following.

Bubbly is already available to more than 230 million subscribers in India as the company is aggressively builds out the service across the country through partnerships with the largest operators in India. Bubble Motion is also working on parallel launches of Bubbly rollouts in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan—all slated for later this year—while expanding its footprint in India.

"We are dazzled, but not completely surprised, by the speed to which the India celebrity community and overall market has embraced our service" said Thomas Clayton, CEO of Bubble Motion. "With the intimacy and immediacy of our voice-blogging user-experience, we see Bubbly becoming the preferred way that people and communities stay connected with each other through voice."

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