Speech Technology eWeekly - May 11, 2011


Don't Let M&As Steer You Off Course

Tech vendors get acquired. What can your organization do to protect its investments?

Speech Technology News

Microsoft Plans to Acquire Skype

Microsoft hopes the $8.5 billion purchase will give it a greater share of the Internet and smartphone market.

VoiceXML Forum Names New Board of Directors

The organization also certified several leading VoiceXML 2.1 platforms.

Mobile Voice2Dox Medical Dictation App Now Available for iPhone

Doctors can now use their iPhones to dictate medical cases and streamline workflow.

New App Lets Voices Be Heard on Facebook and Twitter

ShoutOmatic lets users record voice messages to post on social media sites.

3M Releases New Mobile Apps for Doctors

Advanced dictation application is among a suite of apps built especially for doctors making the rounds.

Ifbyphone Widget Brings Calls into Zendesk's Customer Support Platform

The Ifbyphone Widget integrates call handling, management, and other functionalities into the Zendesk platform.

Forward Thinking

If This Passes, Only Criminals Could Do Speech Technology

Federal privacy bill would drive up compliance costs and inhibit market