Speech Technology eWeekly - March 09, 2006

Q & A

Heather Forrester, Director Outright Sales & Solutions, Bell Canada Enterprises

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with Heather Forrester, director outright sales and solutions at Bell Canada Enterprises to discuss the company's deployment of a speech-enabled attendant for internal directories and services.

Speech Technology News

Empirix Awarded Patent for Testing Next-Generation Contact Center Technologies

BEDFORD, Mass. — Empirix Inc. has been issued U.S. patent # 6,957,420 for testing non-deterministic behavior of voice and speech applications, a key element of its Hammer testing products.

IBM Releases Speech API Software Using Tellme Studio and Tellme Developers Launch Consumer Voice Services for Skype

ARMONK, N.Y. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — IBM released new open source development software enhancements for Web developers to use browser tools to build, test and run new voice applications. Tellme Networks, Inc. released seven new consumer voice applications built on Tellme for Skype.

NSC Launches NSC SpeechBlade Server

NSC (Natural Speech Communication) released the NSC SpeechBlade Server.