Speech Technology eWeekly - June 10, 2015

Speech Technology News

Multimodal Growth Pushes Speech Recognition to the Head of the Class

You can touch this but you don't need to. Speech is right behind touch when it comes to the future of multimodal design, according to new research.

KFC's Col. Sanders Is Now a TTS Voice

Kentucky Fried Chicken has released a GPS app that uses the iconic founder's voice.

SafeAuto to Implement One's ContactOne Solution

ContactOne sends automated voice and text reminders about payment due dates and other important information.

Diotek Releases Three New TTS Voices

UK English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Canadian French round out Diotek's new text-to-speech portfolio.

Lionbridge and Rocket Sound Partner of Videogame Voice Solution

The two companies will deliver an integrated solution for multilingual videogame voice production.

NNG and iNAGO Partner on In-Car Conversational Assistant

NNG Assistant is a voice-enabled assistant that accepts commands in natural language.

Malaspina Adds Speech to STMicroelectronics' STM32 Microcontrollers.

Malaspina Labs' ultra-low-power speech recognition and biometric authentication solutions are added to STMicroelectronics' STM32 microcontrollers.

Gas South Deploys USAN’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution

The gas provider will install USAN's call center technologies.