Speech Technology eWeekly - June 24, 2015

Speech Technology News

CallMiner Introduces Eureka Fall 2015

The latest iteration of CallMiner's interaction analytics solution increases speed to intelligence.

Vocera Releases Clinical Workflow Engine

Clinical Workflow Engine provides one platform for managing and integrating multiple healthcare apps, including voice communications and electronic health records.

Scribe Partners with Azalea Health

Scribe's Real Time Dictation solution is now part of Azalea's electronic health record solution.

Cypher's Technology Reduces 17 Times More Background Noise

Report confirms software can dramatically improve cell phone audio quality.

IZITEQ Launches Izi.TRAVEL Audio Guides

Izi.TRAVEL Offers free online and offline audio guides for hundreds of travel destinations.

NICE to Unveil Inform Audio Analytics

NICE Inform Audio Analytics lets emergency call centers search and categorize audio recordings by key words and phrases.

NeoSpeech Partners with Military Freedom Fest, Providing TTS to Soldiers and Vets

NeoSpeech has joined forces with Military Freedom Fest to produce documentaries using text-to-speech software to honor the lives of U.S. soldiers and veterans.

Eastern Bank Taps Nuance Voice Biometrics

Eastern Bank can now authenticate callers by the sound of their voices.