IZITEQ Launches Izi.TRAVEL Audio Guides

IZITEQ has launched a no-cost audio travel app called izi.Travel Audio Guide.

Available from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Phone Store, izi.TRAVEL--pronounced easy travel--is a multilingual storytelling platform that features more than 1,200 unique audio tours of more than 300 cities in 50 countries, including destinations in The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Greece, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Austria, Australia, and several others. izi.TRAVEL also features more than 500 museum guides.

Tourists simply launch the audio guide that captures their interests and listen as local storytellers come alive on their smartphones and point them to hidden gems nearby. Enhancing the experience are integrated maps, videos, text, pictures, quizzes, and the app's tourist-driven rating and review system.

izi.TRAVEL features an offline mode, allowing users to download the audio guides before they hop in the car, plane, train, boat, or bus, and enjoy them when they reach their destinations. Plus, the app's GPS tracking allows tourists to launch a desired audio guide and forget about their smartphone, as the story automatically changes based on their location. They can launch audio guides via their smartphone's QR code reader (such as while visiting a cultural center, etc.), and communicate with family, friends, fans and followers via the app's built-in social media sharing.

At the same time, izi.TRAVEL enables millions of people around the world to share their love of specific cities or destinations; whether they happen to be residents, a frequent visitors, or fellow tourists. Museums, heritage organizations, cultural associations, city marketing organizations, and other groups can also create content that enriches the experience of their guests, visitors and patrons.

"We strongly believe that great stories significantly improve travel experiences and museum visits, because they help people learn about new places and cultures in an extraordinary, memorable way," said Raoul Milhado of IZITEQ, in a statement. "Our app is like having a trusted friend at each new destination who can't wait to share their unique stories about a place they love. Finally, tourists can stop staring at books and screens and truly, spontaneously enjoy what's around them."

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