Speech Technology eWeekly - February 28, 2018


When Dolphins Attack: How Voice Assistants and Speech Recognition Software Can be Fooled

If you own a smart speaker, you know that it can be fun trying to trick Alexa, Siri, or Google into doing or saying something it shouldn't—like obeying your friend who imitates your voice commands. While such ruses are fun and harmless, the truth is that bad actors are undoubtedly attempting trickery of a more nefarious nature and voice-controlled systems (VCSs) and speech recognition systems (SRSs) can be easily fooled via clever techniques.

Opportunities Abound for a Voice-Powered IoT

Strategy Analytics has found a number of business use cases for voice interfaces in the Internet of Things.

Voice Value

The Voice Option in Customer Service Must Not Be the Only One

Sometimes keypads are necessary. They cannot be taken out of the service equation.

Speech Technology News

CallMiner Expands Customer Engagement Analytics Marketplace, Eureka Xchange, to Global Customers

CallMiner, a platform provider of speech and customer engagement analytics, announced that Eureka Xchange has been further enhanced and is now available in all regions for customers using its cloud-based analytics platform.

DialogTech Launches AI Call Scoring Solution for Marketing and Sales

DialogTech, a provider of actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls, announced the release of Conversation Insights Pro, a new solution that makes DialogTech's industry-leading AI technology easily accessible to any business that values calls.

IPC Collaborates with GreenKey on AI-based Speech Recognition Solution

IPC and GreenKey Technologies announced that they have just signed an agreement for a significant collaboration between the firms. The agreement brings to market a powerful AI-based speech recognition solution that converts real-time voice into useable data for financial market users.

Speakeasy AI Secures Angel Investment

Speakeasy AI, a provider of artificial intelligence via Speech-to-Intent, announced its company launch, including its confirmed angel investment round led by Richard Simons.

Nuance Voice Activation Technology Now Available for CEVA-TeakLite Family

CEVA, Inc., a licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors for smarter, connected devices, announced the availability of the Nuance AI-powered wake-up and voice activation technology suite on the CEVA-TeakLite family of DSPs.

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Government

In all of these sectors of government, the technology gap is massive, largely because of a lack of funding, knowledge, or a desire for change.