Speech Technology eWeekly - March 14, 2018


There’s Untapped Value in Voice Biometrics

Identification and verification technologies can help companies improve customer experience and mitigate security threats.

Q & A

Q&A: Building a Conversational Chatbot for Google Assistant

Michael McTear is an Emeritus Professor at Ulster University with a special research interest in spoken language technologies. He has been researching in the field of spoken dialogue systems for more than 15 years. He is presenting the SpeechTEK University course "Build a Conversational Chatbot for Google Assistant" on at SpeechTEK 2018. SpeechTEK program chair, James Larson, talked to McTear in advance of his conference session.

Voice Value

The Voice Option in Customer Service Must Not Be the Only One

Sometimes keypads are necessary. They cannot be taken out of the service equation.

Speech Technology News

Marchex Releases Speech Analytics Capabilities

Marchex, a provider of call analytics, announced a new Executive Overview Dashboard for its speech analytics technology that makes it faster and easier for companies to view actionable customer insights from calls to their business in one comprehensive view.

Voxbone Announces AI-Based Speech Analytics Service

Voxbone, the Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider that enables voice and messaging services in the cloud, announced at Enterprise Connect that its customers will have instant access to its Speech Analytics service via API and through its web portal.

Abacus Launches Facebook Messenger Chatbot Services

Facebook ad agency Abacus announced that it has launched a chatbot service for Facebook Messenger chatbots. The service will allow current and future clients to ideate, strategize, design, build, launch and test chatbots on FB Messenger.

Haptik to Use Advanced Amazon Web Services AI portfolio to Offer Chatbot Solutions

Indian Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbot platform, Haptik, on Wednesday announced its collaboration with leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to offer chatbot solutions to customers in India.

IDeaS Integrates Voice Control with Revenue Management Technology

IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (IDeaS G3 RMS), is now compatible with devices like Amazon's Echo and Google Home, in multiple languages.

ELSA Raises $3.2 Million

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant), a mobile app for language learners, says it has raised $3.2m in a Pre-A funding round. The round was led by Monk's Hill Ventures, whose managing partner, Peng T. Ong, will join Elsa's board. 

M*Modal Launches a Virtual Provider Assistant for Clinicians

M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding solutions, unveiled a next-generation Virtual Provider Assistant for physicians at the 2018 HIMSS Conference.

DeePhi Tech Showcases Speech Recognition Engine on Amazon Web Services

As a partner of Xilinx and AWS, a deep-learning accelerating solution company, DeePhi Tech, officially launched an automated speech recognition engine--DESE, based on the FPGA platform at AWS.

Orion Labs Introduces Orion Radio Bridge

Orion Labs, a voice platform for teams in business, enterprise, and government organizations, announced several updates and engagements with industry leaders.

Industry Voices

The Game Changer in Gaming: Voice Recognition Technology

Familiarity with voice recognition software has increased exponentially with our use of smartphones (thank you Siri!), voice controls in our cars, and smart home devices like Google Home or the Amazon Echo. So why would I want my gaming experience to be any different?

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Government

In all of these sectors of government, the technology gap is massive, largely because of a lack of funding, knowledge, or a desire for change.